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Different Needz Foundation Organization Grant Application 2019
Different Needz Foundation
Organization Grant Application Directions

The Different Needz Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with a mission to provide grants to individuals with developmental disabilities and the families and organizations that support them with the necessary medical services and/or equipment needed to ensure the best quality of life.

Note to all Applicants: Grants are awarded at the sole discretion of the Different Needz Foundation Board of Directors. If your grant request is approved, the equipment provider or service provider will be paid directly by the Different Needz Foundation.

Grants to organizations who service people with developmental disabilities are limited to a maximum of $2,500.00. Organization grants will not be awarded for operational expenses, employee wages, capacity-building or general funding. The Foundation is not obligated to award an organizational grant in any given year.

Please read the following directions to help ensure that your application is completed properly and all requirements are fully met:

1. All application sections must be FULLY completed. Any uncompleted applications will not be considered for a grant.

2. Applicants or applications that do not qualify for a grant will not be considered. Those individuals who will directly benefit from an organization’s approved grant must have a developmental disability as defined by the Foundation.

3. It is mandatory to include with your application; price quotes*, catalog pages, service provider details or other information that specifically describes what you are requesting and supports the amount you are seeking, including any associated shipping/freight costs. Failure to fully provide this information will disqualify your application.

*NOTE: We will not fulfill grant items from Amazon.

4. The Foundation will not accept applications requesting motor vehicles, Apple iPads or other comparable electronic tablet/device, service dogs or service dog training, or emotional support animals.

5. Do not include personal photos or any other documents that are not requested; for example: tax returns.

Notification of the Foundation's determination will be sent to applicants via regular U.S. mail in the month of May 2019. The Foundation may contact you for further information.

PLEASE NOTE: If a grant is awarded to your organization, the Foundation requests acknowledgement in communications related to the contribution of the item(s) and/or service(s) received including: news releases, website content, social media, newsletters, annual reports or other promotional materials.


Thank you.

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Have you applied for a DifferentNeedz grant in previous years?: *
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Please tell us about your organization’s funding and your ability to obtain funding from other sources for the requested item.: *
Please tell us about the service or item that you need and how it will benefit the individual(s). Include an explanation of the individual's experience with this item or service. Please include a detailed description of the service or item, the provider’s name, address and telephone number. *
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