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iiiNNO 育成服務聯絡表單
想要多了解我們的活動或進駐輔導或顧問服務嗎?請填寫以下資料,我們會儘快和您聯絡。感謝您 :)
若是您有企業合作的需求,可將您的需求寄至,負責的同仁會儘快與您聯絡噢 :)
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請問您目前的身份是?/ Identity *
請問您聯絡我們主要的原因是? (至多勾選三項) What's reason for you to contact us?(at least choose three) *
最希望能透過iiiNNO育成中源媒機制合及輔導資源,協助的主要自己創業主要方向? (可多選) / Through iiiNNO,  what kind of step you want the most to achieve ?(multi-choices)
請問您目前創業的服務產品目前的進度再以下的哪一個階段呢? / What's your stage of your startup ? *
請問您目前是否已經設立公司了呢? / Have you set up a company ? *
如果您的創業的商品或服務或點子已經在網路上有相關資訊,請提供網站網址或FB粉絲頁網址或Youtube Pitch / 介紹影片 (http://.....)  / Media exposure of your service/product, please supply us the link of website or FB or video
請問您的創業歷程為何?/ Experience of entrepreneur *
請沿續上題,加以說明 / Describe more about  your experience of entrepreneur
例如:我已經創業過4次,目前是第5次,題目為電商、交友等APP。曾接受過媒體報導,如商周、數位時代、Inside等,也曾參加過xxxx比賽、xxx比賽等,於ooo比賽獲選進入決賽.......(建議填寫,寫得越詳細,我們就可以更認識您噢~~)                                Ex. I have already try four times, and this is the fifth time. My topic is a matchmaking site. We have ever interviewed by press, like TIME. And We also win the competition like..... (describe more, and we can know you more likely to provide the info you need.)
我們未來將舉辦許多創業分享活動,您會希望以什麼方式參與呢? / In the future, we will have lots of event for startup, what kind of way you would like to join us *
請問聯絡我們前,有推薦人或單位嗎? (如果有,請註明歐) / Is there someone who recommend you to contact us ?
請問您有什麼想法想與我們分享呢? (歡迎提出任何Idea歐) / Is there any ideas want to share with us
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