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Bike Form for Online Sign-Up
Our Annual "Bike Day!"
Learn Bike Safety & Bike Give-A-Way 2nd Saturday in May.
The George F. Johnson Dream Center holds a Safety & Bike Give-A-Way for YOUTH 4 YEARS OF AGE TO 17 YEARS OF AGE each year, to help youth get to fun and safe programs around town and parks.
The giveaway takes place on the second Saturday of May each year, from 10:00 a.m. until BIKES ARE GONE in the Sarah Jane Johnson Memorial Church gymnasium.
Youth are referred to the event by area agencies, where they receive a helmet, are fitted to a bike, must take a safety course and agree to wear a helmet while riding.
We cannot guarantee that everyone who signs up for a bike will receive one.
On the day of the event, all youth will:
1. Have a helmet fitting and receive a helmet.
2. Attend a bike safety clinic.
3. Receive a bike.
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