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AE Anonymous Brother Feedback Form

In this anonymous survey, please feel free to leave constructive feedback, share any concerns you have for the brotherhood as a whole, and/or report any incidents concerning one or more brothers. Your feedback on the first question will just be something that I can announce at chapter if you really want me to shout out a brother! You do not have to answer every question in order to submit the survey.  

Thank you!

Sophia Aiken
Director of Human Resources
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Are there any brothers you think specifically deserve recognition for good work they have done for the fraternity, on campus, or in the community? Please explain why.
Is there an incident you would like to report? If yes, please include a description of the incident and the brothers involved.
Do you have any concerns for the brotherhood as a whole, or is there anything that you think we should do differently?
Do you have any feedback for a particular officer? Please explain.  
Are there any events or types of events that you would like to see more of? Please explain.
Do you have any additional comments or concerns that are not addressed by the questions above?
If you feel comfortable putting your name on here so that we can talk, I would love to speak with you.
Do you want a follow up? This will be PRIVATE and you will remain ANONYMOUS. Please type a password here. CAPS SENSITIVE!
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