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A game that suits your need and describes your vision
Game design and development process are meticulous topics and they demand utmost attention to detail. Therefore it needs time to be defined and elaborated.

To better understand your needs and reach the common grounds much faster when it comes to your games, we have designed a specific form to point you in the right direction regarding the design, gameplay, art and various other decisions which will find their place in the final product.

We are very much aware that not everything can be defined by a single form, but with it, at least we can narrow down the overall approach and rule out a few unnecessary cases.

If however, you already have defined the approach of your game feel free to elaborate it separately from this poll approach.

General info
Platform of choice
Primary purpose of the game
The perspective of your game (zoom-in to get a better glance at the examples [keyboard Ctrl+mouse wheel Scroll-Up]) *
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