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Lakes of Fire Theme Suggestion 2020
What theme would you like to see Lakes of Fire have for 2020? Previous themes have included Summerween, Bedtime Stories, Fire and Ice, Fabulous Contraption, Release the Kraken, Superstition, It Was on Fire When We Got Here, Anima Mundi, A Spaced Oddity, and Metamorphosis.

For 2020, we're asking for your ideas to go a little further. What we need from you is three-fold: A quippy theme name (see above for examples), a pitch, and one of the 10 Principles that your theme emphasizes.

About The Pitch
We want you to sell us on your idea! Pitch it to us. Help us get excited over how the community might engage with your concept. Tell us a story or give us examples of future costumes, art pieces, and events that tap into this theme for 2020.

Pitch Guidelines
B) Try to steer clear of pop culture. Your concept should be captivating on its own without a tie-in. This can be hard to avoid, especially if your concept taps into the zeitgeist. But you'll be fine as long as you don't write in a meme or a movie/show/media reference.

C) As usual, avoid overtly sexual, vulgar, or substance-oriented themes.

Choosing A Principle
The Lakes of Fire Leads will give more consideration to themes that focus on one of the 10 Principles. In your pitch, help us see how participants can push their own contributions to engage in that principle through your theme.
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