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Walkthrough Application
Main/Alt character names (Include armories) *
Link to Warcraftlogs (Progress logs, everything else is hugely irrelevant) *
Tell us about yourself (Age, country, occupation, gender) Write as much as you want, the more we know you, the better *
Alt/Offspec proficiency (Can happen where you are asked to play anything to suit our progression, we want players that are comfortable with the game in general, not just one class) *
Share your views with us on PTR/Beta testing (It's mandatory in Walkthrough therefore it is crucial you are onboard positively) *
List of ALL relevant previous guilds and why did you leave them? (It is vital here to explain thoroughly all reasons for leaving, we are focused on adding stable members to our team) In addition, we recommend you talk about classes you played and if there was any progression oriented decisions. *
Why should we choose you? *
Picture of your UI (Please add a picture whilst you're in actual content, not just topping the meters) *
How would you describe yourself as a PvP player? (It has been ever so important to actively PvP during BFA so all players are expected to participate) *
Would you class yourself as a vocal individual? (We have absolutely no interest in players that sit and mute the entire raid and actively choose to not speak when necessary) *
How is your mental attitude? (Part of high-end raiding involves criticism, ALOT of it, we all have a common goal and that is to progress. If you cannot handle this, it is probably better to stop writing now) *
Can anyone vouch for you as a player? (Doesn't have to be from Walkthrough either, applications without vouches have lower chances to be processed) *
Anything you would like to add? *
Please leave your BNet so we can get in touch with you (All applications are usually dealt with and replied to within a week!) *
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