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School Store
If you could just answer a few questions regarding the school store that is soon coming, that would be awesome!
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Out of these new options which do you like more?
What would you like to see in the store during the winter?
If you could get your merchandise customized, what products would you want customized?
What would you like to see in the store during the spring/summer?
Would you be interested in seeing DC pet wear?
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What kind of food would you like sold at the store?
Who are you to the DC community? *
Which logo/logos would you prefer to see on clothing? *
Would you be Interested in participating in a DC Logo Design contest? *Winning logo design could be sold in the school store for a limited time!
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If you are willing to work, when would be best? Before school/during school/after school/during events? *
Would you be interested in seeing bible verses on your products?
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What electronic accessories would you buy with a DC logo on it?
Would you work to gain service hours? *
Who would you buy DC gear for? *
What school supplies would you buy in the school store? *
What products would you want to see in the store that haven’t been on the DC website before? *
Do you know of any small product businesses in the DC community that we could include in the school store?
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