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HackUB - Tech Adviser Registration
Currently, there is no easy and reliable way to find information on local businesses, products, services, events and activities in Mongolia. This is not only a problem for locals and businesses, but it is a bigger problem for expats, tourists and repats. The data exists but it is not well collected, structured and made accessible. We call this a "black-box data effect".

A group of volunteers, consisting of engineers, developers, marketers, entrepreneurs and students, have formed a team and are aiming to provide a platform to solve the problem. The idea we have come up with is a hackathon through which we engage the very people that have knowledge and experience of the problem and come up with a solution. Our goal is to be the hub to connect various groups of people with various types of information resources and thus, we have named the hackathon: "HUB". HUB, coincidentally, stands for: "Hack UB".

10 teams will participate. These teams will need to design and build a scalable, robust, maintainable, secure, reliable and available system and we believe, there is an opportunity to connect the participating teams with folks who have good amount of experience in the tech industry. Therefore, we are looking for volunteer tech folks that can act as tech adviser and mentor the participating teams throughout the 7 days of hackathon.

Q: Time difference?
A: No problem. That is what global companies do and we hope it will give experience to the participating teams.

Q: What is expected from tech advisers?
A: We ask nothing but helping, advising and mentoring the team you are responsible for throughout the 7 days. The end goal is to help the teams build a scalable, robust system (whether it is a website or a mobile app or both).

Q: What kind of commitment is required?
A: This is totally up to the team and the mentors, but given that it is a project for our country with the aim to solve a very common problem it would be great if you can spend as much time as possible during this 7 day time frame.

Q: What is the selection process?
A: We open up the registration form and send it out. Our goal is to find 10 mentors in tech. If number if registrants is > 10, then we the HUB organizing committee will do a screening process, vote and select 10 mentors. The screening process will be based on experience, area of skills, availability, timezone, commitment...etc.

Q: If selected, what happens next?
A: We will match selected mentors to participating teams and provide contact information. From there on, it is up to the team and the mentor to get in touch and get to work. Our goal is to provide a platform, not moderate every single activity and communication.

Q: Who are the participating teams?
A: We will open another registration form to register teams. Therefore, the teams are not identified yet. Since both registrations will go simultaneously, we will do the matching at a later stage.

Q: What is my exact role?
A: The team will have a product manager role player. Therefore, the team is expected to have the ultimate/autonomous decisions on the solutions. However, as long as agreed between you and the team, you can provide your suggestions on the business aspect of the solution, too. But please remember your primary role is to provide advise/suggestions on the technology side only.

Q: What do I get in return for being a volunteer mentor?
A: You will get to mentor a team of 5-7 people in Mongolia and together, you will seek to solve a very common faced problem in Mongolia. It is the fun, excitement, motivation, experience and networking - you will get in return for this volunteer work.

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