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Slut Island Festival 2020
This is the application form for artists who wish to participate in the 7th edition of Slut Island Festival; an initiative that exists to offset underrepresentation and tokenization of marginalized artists in the mainstream festival landscape. The festival takes place in Tio’tia:ke, unceded Mohawk territory (Montreal, QC) in July 2020. Slut Island specifically encourages the participation of people who identify as queer, QTBIPOC, femme, LGBTQQ2SIPA+, trans*, gender nonconforming, gender fluid, sex workers, (dis)abeled*, women or anyone living on the margins seeking a supportive environment to showcase their work. Your applications will be reviewed by a board of 8 - 10 curators; please include all the information you’d like them to know about you and your artistic practice by answering the questions thoroughly! You will learn the results of your application by mid April. The curatorial process is quite lengthy, thank you for being patient about our timeline. We look forward to learning about your work and thank you for your interest in Slut Island Festival 2020!
1. Project Name *
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2. Contact (email) *
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3. Where is your project based? *
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4. Have you played Slut Island Festival before? *
5. Please provide links to your work: *
This can include recordings in any format, videos of live performances or any other material that presents your project.
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6. Please provide a small bio about your project. (375 Characters) *
You will have the option of providing a longer bio in the next section. In the event that you play Slut Island Festival 2020, this bio will be used in pamphlets/websites/event descriptions/social media posts. (375 Characters max-- shorter is okay, but anything more will be cut off!)
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6.1 You may provide a longer bio here (optional):
We will use this bio over the short bio in the previous section on any promotional material where space constraints are not an issue.
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7. Please, give us a general idea about your project. *
(musical/performance style, a general 'genre category', descriptive keywords-- this helps us curate diverse and harmonious lineups)
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8. Why are you interested in participating in Slut Island Festival? *
How does your project reflect the festival mandate?
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9. Exactly how many people are in your project? *
Please include everyone who will participate in the performance (is someone doing your visuals? Do you have a DJ? Etc.)
10. Please list the name of each person in your project, their pronouns and their role in the project: *
(ie: 1. Sam, they/them, synth -- 2. Maya, she/her, bass)
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11. If you are from out of town, will you need a place to stay for the night of your show? *
12. What nights are you available to play? *
13. We will provide a very basic backline: a drum kit (breakables included), 1 bass amp, 1 guitar amp, mics, a keyboard stand. We also provide 2 x Pioneer Nexus 2000s with a DJM900mixer. We can supply a projector upon request. Please list your gear setup and input list, what you will bring, what you'd be willing to share with other artists in the lineup of that night, and what you need to borrow. *
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14. The festival is held in wheelchair accessible venues (there is a possibility that 1/8 shows will not be due to availability but we are trying to avoid this) with active listeners/harm reduction staff on site. Both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages are available. We have Naloxone kits onsite with trained administers. Most (but not all) of the programming is 18+. Please state any requirements, questions, suggestions or comments about accessibility needs here (optional):
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15. Feel free to share anything with us that we may have missed or forgotten to ask. Alternatively you may email with any questions or comments.
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