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#HOPEhelps Volunteer Project Report
#HOPEhelps is a community service outreach of HOPE Christian Academy. Please use this form to document volunteer service hours which you perform regularly. This form is to be used for volunteer service hours which you perform and accumulate on a scheduled or regular basis with one organization over time. As a Christian organization, we are called to love and serve our community: 1 Peter 4:10.
Student Last Name: *
Student First Name: *
Student DOB: *
Name of organization for which you performed volunteer service work: *
Organization Phone #: *
Web address of organization or emailaddress for supervisor: *
Description of volunteer service work performed: *
Describe in words how your total number of volunteer service hours was figured. (For example, "I volunteered every other Sunday for 1 1/2 hours each Sunday beginning on September 1 and ending on April 30 for a total of XX hours".) *
I, the aforementioned supervisor, hereby verify that the student listed on this form performed the above-described volunteer service work for the following number of hours: *
USE OF THIS FORM - I agree to the following conditions" *
Parents must complete this form, PRINT a copy for signatures (control-P), and send it electronically send by using the "SEND" button in the upper right corner of this form. Once all signatures are complete, parents must MAIL the hard copy to HOPE Christian Academy to receive credit on your transcript. Please mail completed forms to: HOPE Christian Academy, 11044 Wall Triana Hwy., Toney , AL 35773. Printable form here:
Signature of Supervisor:
Date of Supervisor Signature:
Parent Signature:
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Student Signature:
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