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Is your parish creating new Catholics?
Maybe it's time to rethink RCIA, says Diana Macalintal, cofounder of

Do you agree?

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1. My parish has an RCIA program.
2. I know how my parish does RCIA.
3. I/someone I know went through RCIA.
4. I make an effort to interact with those going through RCIA at my parish.
5. I know RCIA candidates in my parish by name.
6. I have sponsored an RCIA candidate.
7. I have attended a Mass where RCIA candidates become Catholics.
8. The average number of candidates in my parish’s RCIA program is:
9. I would be willing to help candidates “wander the wilds of parish life.”
10. At my parish, RCIA candidates often are involved in other parish programs as well.
11. RCIA is well publicized in my parish.
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