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Which age group are you interested in booking for creative workshop? Tick all that apply.
children 0-5
Children 5-8
children 8-12
children 12-16
adult and child
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If you ticked adult and child workshop, what age would the child you want to bring be?
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What would you be interested in learning? Tick all that apply.
Art lessons (how to draw)
Art lesson (how to use water colour)
Textiles (how to use your sewing machine)
Textiles (small decorative items e.g. pom pom bunting, felt egg cosies, hand embroidered hoops)
Textiles ( character dolls)
Textiles dressmaking (how to follow a pattern)
Textiles useful items (e.g. cushions, bags, aprons)
Messy art for young children
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Is there anything CREATIVE, not listed, that you would like to learn?
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When are you most likely to be available to attend a workshop?
Mon Eve between 7-9pm
Weds Eve between 7-9pm
School half-terms between 10:30am -4:30pm
School Summer Holidays between 10:30am -4:30pm
Sunday between 10:30am -4:30pm
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Is there another time that has not been mentioned, that would suit you better?
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What gender do you identify as?
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