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Please respond to the questions below, and the Bargaining Communications Group will create a profile page on the Unit 17 Bargaining Blog <>. These profiles will feature active union members with passion for this campaign, and help humanize our efforts for fellow members, UC administration, and the wider community.

Note, while your email address is collected by this form in case we need clarification on anything, your email will NOT be placed in your public profile. Please provide a non-UC email address. Also, while the form is collecting Google profile pics too, we will only post a picture that you upload, otherwise we will not share a picture.

If you have answers longer than the form allows to any of the questions below, or if you have extra ideas for content in your profile, please email <>.

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Finally, any feedback on this form, or overall thoughts or ideas about Unit 17 Member Profiles? Let us know below, and thanks for all you do for our union!
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