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Spring 2021 Undergraduate Physics Major Departmental Scholarship Application
Please complete this application to help us assess your qualifications for the Physics Departmental scholarships. Only currently enrolled and newly admitted physics majors at the University of Maryland, College Park are eligible. By submitting this form, you certify that the information you provide in this application is correct. Please send any questions or comments to

Apply by January 11, 2021
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Physics GPA: *
What is your grade point average based on all of your physics major(PHYS/MATH) courses? Enter 'New" if you have not completed any college level PHYS or MATH courses applicable to the physics major. You may use UAchieve (the degree audit program available on Testudo) to view your Physics GPA.
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How did you become a physics major? *
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Do you have a FAFSA form on file with the University of Maryland Office of Financial Aid? *
This is required for need-based aid.
According to FAFSA and the University of Maryland's Office of Financial Aid, how much financial need (before loans) do you have?
Note: If your FAFSA does not fully acknowledge your financial situation, please explain below.
If you plan to work during the fall semester, please provide us information about your intended work plans, including type of work and number of hours per week.
Are you involved in research in physics or another STEM field? If yes, please tell us about your experience.
Please include names and contact information for your research mentors and the number of hours per week that you devote to research.
If you are involved in research, please indicate which of the following you receive.
Have you given any presentations related to your research or outreach activities? *
If you answered above, please tell us about your presentation(s). Please include type of presentation(s) - e.g., poster, talk, publication; where you made the presentation(s); title(s) of presenation(s).
Please indicate if you are involved in any of the following department-related activities/organizations:
What are your current plans after graduating? *
Please use this space to clarify any of your selections above. For example, if you selected "graduate school in a different field" tell us what field.
Statement of Interest *
Please write a meaningful essay explaining why receiving a Physics Department scholarship would be beneficial to your academic experience and career goals. Also, please let us know why you feel you are deserving of a Physics Department scholarship.
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