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NNMF Food and Drink Vendor Application
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*Please note: NN will be reducing the number of food vendors at NN19 to ensure all vendors & attendees receive the best experience. In doing so, NN will be implementing a rev-share program for approved vendors! More to come
For food vendors: Select those that apply.
Briefly Categorize your food/drink offerings (examples: Mediterranean, American Grill, Sushi, Sandwiches, Cold drinks, etc.). *
Please share your menu and include descriptions and pricing. If in file form, use the upload section below.
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What are your preferred hours of operation? Please note that there is music all night at NNMF. *
Northern Nights requires that all serving materials be biodegradable. Failure to comply will result in fees. Will you agree to use only biodegradable serving materials at NNMF? *
Describe your ideal set-up and dimensions. If in file form, use upload section below. *
Power Requirements: Please describe the power requirements of your booth. Include total amps, equipment, and any other relevant specifics. The vending fee includes basic power; additional power requirements/usage will incur an additional charge. *
List, in gallons per day, your estimated potable water requirements. *
List, in gallons per day, how much grey water your booth generates. *
Ice: Are you interested in purchasing ice on site? If so, how many pounds per day? Please note that ice gets scarce in the immediate area. Pricing TBD. *
Support Vehicles: Please specify your vehicle requests. *
Outline on-site staff requirements. Food vendor packages come with 4 staff passes included. Additional staff passes are available for $180 and must be arranged in advance. *
Are you planning on bringing an RV? Cost TBD. *
You must present proof of insurance and food vending permits to operate at Northern Nights. Will you be able to do so? *
List any business websites and social media account URLs.
Upload files here (menu, booth layout, photos).
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