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MPCE & WAY- Mt. Pleasant Student Survey
We invite you to participate in this year's student perception survey. We value your feedback and use this information to better your school experience. Thank you so much for your participation.
What school do you go to? *
What is your current grade? *
The School's emphasis is improving student learning. *
All students are expected to meet high standards.
School work is meaningful and made relevant. *
Teachers do whatever it takes to help me meet high academic standards. *
Classes challenge me to think and solve problems. *
Grades are given in a fair manner. *
Students respect those who are different than them. *
I feel respected by the adults in the school. *
Explain your reason.
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Discipline problems are handled fairly. *
The school environment helps my learning process. *
The staff in the building show they care about me. *
Share reason(s) why you feel this way.
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I feel welcome when I come to school. *
Share reason(s) why you feel this way.
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How often do you use technology for school work? *
Do you prefer to use technology for learning? *
Do you have your own technology device and Internet to use for learning at home? *
If you could change one thing about school what would it be? *
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