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Students Deserve Fair Health Insurance

Students Deserve High Quality Health Insurance at a Fair Price!

We the undersigned are demanding that UMass Boston commits to providing the student population with high quality health insurance at a fair price.

The cost of the Student Health Insurance Plan rose by almost $400 in the 2019-2020 school year, bringing the total cost for our health care to over $2500 a year. This is an unfair burden for students to pay on top of tuition and fees.

We demand that the university subsidize the cost of the student health insurance plan and support the students!

Furthermore, students should be consulted when picking our insurance plan and provider. It is our health insurance, we should have a say! UMass is getting ready to pick our health insurance plan and provider for the next five years. If the program is designed for students, then students need to have the opportunity to participate in the process. It is unfair to force students to pay for a program they had no say in developing.

To ensure that students have a say in their own health insurance, UMass needs to invite student unions (like the Graduate Employee Organization that handles collective bargaining for all Teaching and Research Assistants on campus) and student governments (like the Graduate Student Assembly and the Undergraduate Student Government) to be part of making decisions about student health insurance programs. Students need a seat at the table!

We demand that the UMass process includes student perspectives in the design and selection of the new Student Health Insurance plan!

UMass Boston needs to hold an immediate public town hall meeting with students to tell us why our health insurance is becoming increasingly expensive. We also want to know how UMass selects the Student Health Insurance Plan and whether they plan to consult with students during this process. The increase in cost happened behind closed doors without students finding out until we got the bill - this is unacceptable. UMass Boston is a working-class commuter campus--$400 is a huge sum of money for our students. Our University President makes more than half a million dollars a year, he wouldn't even notice his health insurance going up by $400. But this increase is more money than a semester long MBTA pass for all of our travel - do they expect us to walk to school?

We demand that UMass recognizes they have an obligation to talk with students about our health insurance! UMass must create a mandatory duty to consult students about their health insurance in the University's policies and procedures.

Students have a right to be part of selecting their own health insurance! Health care is a right not a privilege! UMass students deserve high quality health insurance at a fair price!
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