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Fall 2018 Dolci Leadership Application (deadline: 8PM Friday 4/20)
Dolci's leadership consists of two co-presidents, two head-waitstaff, and one executive manager. For next fall we are looking for people to fill one co-president, one executive chef position, and one head-waitstaff intern position. The position description are as followed:

Co-president - Responsible for staffing, ticket distribution, communication with head-chefs, management of funds, e-mails, and improving the quality and presence of Dolci on Middlebury's campus (social media and marketing). Expected to be able to supervise and work Dolci dinners throughout the fall and spring semester. Sounds overwhelming? Don't worry! You have another co-president to distribute the tasks with!

Executive Manager - Responsible for managing the kitchen and guiding head-chefs, especially in timing of the meal and clean-up. Will be in close contact with Student Activities. Responsible for submitting payroll and reimbursements. Must be free to work most Fridays. You will be supported by the Co-President in the Kitchen.

Head-Waitstaff Intern - Responsible for leading waitstaff, front of house experience, food preferences and allergies of our guests, and our dinnerware. This is training to take over the position Spring 2018 and Fall 2019 onwards.

While it is great to have cooking or restaurant experience, it is not necessarily required--What matters most are your communication and organizational skills. A significant part of the role involves communicating with Atwater staff and other students in order to make sure everything runs smoothly as it should. Dolci leadership positions are paid, just like Dolci kitchen and waitstaff positions.

We are looking for committed and responsible individuals who love working Dolci, being in a team, and are able to dedicate the time. As a board, we are all on equal footing, and your position responsibilities may change according to what you enjoy doing. We love creativity, initiative and food! Training for these positions will start this May 2018.

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