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Innovative ETD Award Nomination
The intent of this award is to support current graduate students in the creation of innovative electronic theses or dissertations (ETDs). We anticipate students will use the award to assist in the purchase of specialized software, computer equipment or other technical support needed in the production or publication of their ETD. Nominations for this award should indicate how the award will support the application and integration of renderings, photos, data sets, software code or other multimedia objects in the student’s ETD.
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An ORCID ID is required for award eligibility. You can obtain an ORCID ID (at no charge) from their website:
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Name and title of nominator? *
A prospective author of a thesis or dissertation may be nominated by a representative (e.g. administrator, faculty member or librarian) of an institution that is a member of the NDLTD. A student from a member organization may submit a self-nomination. For a current list of NDLTD members please visit the website, here:
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Please provide the email addresses of both the nominator and nominee.
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Academic institution where thesis or dissertation will be defended? *
Nominees must be affiliated with an institution which is a member of the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (or hold an individual membership). For a current list of NDLTD members please visit the website, here:
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This may be a working title.
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Thesis or dissertation abstract or summary: *
Please limit to 250 words.
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Provide a brief statement about how the work will use technology to enhance the presentation of the research in the forthcoming ETD. *
In drafting this response you may wish to refer to the award requirements found here: - please limit your response to 250 words.
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Link to your approved thesis/dissertation proposal: *
Please provide a link to your approved thesis proposal in PDF format. Any number of cloud services can assist with this (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft, etc).
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Provide letters of recommendation or support:
You may provide a link to a letter(s) of recommendation or support including the contact information for those making the recommendation. To provide a link to a PDF of the recommendation letter any number of cloud services can assist with this (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft, etc).
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Will the resulting ETD be distributed online as open access upon publication? *
Please provide the link to the open access repository where the thesis will be published.
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United States I.R.S regulations require the NDLTD to report all award amounts distributed; citizens of the United States must provide a valid Social Security number to receive award distributions. Non-U. S. citizens may be required to submit appropriate I.R.S. forms upon request. Winners must agree to the conditions set forth in the eligibility requirements and NDLTD policy. Winners must also agree to make acceptance/acknowledgments materials available to the NDLTD for the purpose of international promotions. Are you willing to comply with these conditions? If you are nominating someone, can you make the nominee aware of these conditions? *
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