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HEALTHY HOLIDAY CHALLENGE - Online Nutrition & Fitness Group
The Healthy Holiday Challenge is running for the entire holiday season and it's never too late to join, because each month we have a new focus.All fall we will focus on fun clean fall recipes, clean candy treats, and tips to not binging on candy after the Halloween candy rush happens! November we will focus on surviving the Thanksgiving feast! Tips to adjusting portions so you can indulge a little on that day, and recipes that will be perfect to take to an Thanksgiving Gathering! The come the big one, Christmas! For December we will focus on staying on track during all those holiday parties! With tips to keep you away from all the sweet and unhealthy carbs. Plus holiday treats you can make at home to still enjoy the season!

In this group you will learn how to clean eat within the correct portions, provide yourself with the right kind of nutrients, and I help you to select the right workout for your needs. The goal in the group is to help you regain your energy, your motivation and help you create a healthy lifestyle while getting fit and reaching your goals! The group not only provides you with others on the exact same journey to getting healthy and fit, but also comes with me as your one on one coach! I provide you with sample meal plans, 50+ recipes, nutritional education, and tips on how to stay on track! For over 4 years I've ran group just like this and I have no plans to stop! I would be honored to coach you through your transformation to getting healthy, fit, or whatever your goals may be!

P.S. Families are always welcome! What you learn will be passed down to your kids, partner, parents, or even friends! The gift of health always ends up being spread beyond our group!!! So what's to lose?
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