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SkyMuster Not Working
This form is for those who have a non-working Sky Muster install.

Complete the following BEFORE completing this form:
1) Plug a computer directly into the NBN modem, bypassing the router.
2) Try a power cycle routine once.

If it still isn't working, please contact your provider and contact nbn - 1800 OUR NBN or via their FB page or email:

Please complete this form if you still have no working connection after completing the above.

BIRRR will do their best to help troubleshoot the issue and send your information onto provider & nbn contacts.

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Have you tried to contact your service provider? *
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Have you tried contacting nbn ?
If yes please state the date you contacted nbn and provide any other relevant information.
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What is the NTD number on your modem? *
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Any further information - please give as much detail as possible.
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