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If your classes / learning were interrupted by COVID-19 and you need HELP-                         Historic St. James A.M. E. Community Tutoring is the SOLUTION!                            
HSJ tutors are certified professional educators AND subject matter experts focusing on standardized assessments and ACT strategies.
Small group and individual tutoring sessions
LEAP 2025 Practice Test-taking strategies
Pretest and Posttest data analysis
Analysis and discussion of standardized assessment guides and guidance
Integration of graphic organizers to guide various writing genre with outline creation, drafting and revising
Internet access
Social and Emotional (SEL) training and activities
HSJ Community Tutoring Services offers flexible tutoring services to students in 4th grade to 12th grade who have been impacted by COVID-19.  Students are required to take a pretest and posttest and remain in the program for the entire 8 weeks to receive the full scholarship.

Our certified staff dedicate themselves to the safe, quality, genuine care of your children.  All tutors are trained with data disaggregation and research-based instructional practices.

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