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Petition for Hybrid Options for Graduate Students and Graduate Workers
Spring 2022 Omicron Petition

We, the undersigned graduate students, graduate workers, and allies, in light of the COVID-19 Omicron spike, voice the following requests. We urgently ask that you, the administration, respond to this petition. Enact this plan before the current policies create chaotic and unstable working and learning environments for us and our students, and endanger all  Vanderbilt community members.

1. All students need to have accessible hybrid options for teaching, learning, and pursuing all other degree activities--no questions asked. Doing so protects disabled and at-risk community members and allows international students to continue their education, regardless of their location. Recognize that we know what is best for ourselves and those that we live with.

2. We need broader testing accessibility on campus, with specific and regular testing requirements. In addition, we request that the administration provide readily available KN95s to all and mail out weekly at-home tests upon request for those who go to campus. The recent decision to provide each community member with three KN95 masks is a start, but these represent only fifteen effective uses, per CDC guidelines. For workers who must be on campus frequently, three masks are insufficient.

3. We need clear and consistent, university-wide guidelines for those who test positive, including guidance to TA’s and instructors on how to navigate COVID-19 policies with their students. We should not have to rely on vague promises of professorial “flexibility” when it comes to remote guidance. We need a clear, uniform policy enforcing remote learning for those that test positive. This policy should indicate clear information pipelines for conveying positives to faculty and TA’s so that they can take appropriate actions and work with their students or self-isolate as needed. University policy should allow self-isolating TA’s to work and teach fully remotely as needed, including the ability to switch to remote learning when self-isolating.

Not providing hybrid learning options all but ensures a high volume of students, staff, and faculty will test positive. Vanderbilt administrators, our message is clear: you need to take responsibility for the protection of our community.


1. Alex Korsunsky, Anthropology
2. Nick Goodell, History
3. Kathleen Larson, Biomedical engineering
4. Zachary J Williams, Medical Scientist Training Program
5. Jonah Zarrow, CPB
6. Kelly Cunningham, Philosophy
7. Maxwell Hamilton, Cancer biology
8. Miranda Sue Tenove, Divinity
9. Alexandra Sanchez, History
10. Miguel Moravec, CEE
11. Camille Msall, psychology and human development
12. Sai Abitha Srinivas, BME
13. Lindsay Breidenbach, Human Genetics
14. Catherine Terrace, Medicine, Health, and Society
15. Joanne Biomedical, Engineering
16. Lilia Merbouche, Biochemistry
17. Margret Fye, Cell & Developmental Biology
18. Kacie Dunham, Vanderbilt Brain Institute/Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences
19. James Zimmer-Dauphinee, Anthropology
20. Michael Venesy, Psychology
21. Samantha Schwager, Biomedical engineering
22. Kathy Maxwell, Divinity
23. Zachary Feldman, GREES
24. Andrea Faye Hart, Divinity
25. Chancey Herbolsheimer, Sociology
26. Matthew Tarizzo, Sociology
27. Anyssa Francis, MHS MA program
28. Jessalyn Baljon, Biomedical Engineering
29. Jennifer Barnes, Political Science
30. Greg Berumen, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
31. Bonnie Walton
32. Jonathan Martin, Biomedical Engineering
33. Kyra Smart, BME
34. Nicholas Eleuteri, Biochemistry
35. Dr. Aimi Hamraie, Medicine, Health, & Society
36. Joseph Benthal, Human Genetics
37. Rebecca J. Epstein-Levi, Jewish Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies
38. Sara Jones, Teaching and Learning
39. Justin Flanagan, Psychology
40. Jessica Feller
41. Sam Schaffner, IGP
42. Thomas J Manuel, Bmw
43. Brandon Desiderio, Vanderbilt Divinity School
44. Kate Schaller
45. Gillian Fitz, cell and developmental biology
46. Krista Haapanen, Community Research and Action
47. Charlotte Sappo, Biomedical engineering
48. Abigail Nathan, Human Development Counseling
49. Emily Allison, Divinity
50. Savannah Claire Bastian, sociology
51. Ethan Joll, Biomedical Engineering
52. Joseph Kuster, German Studies
53. Natalie De Lucca, Teaching & Learning/Learning, Teaching, and Diversity
54. Brock Fletcher, Biomedical Engineering
55. Peyton Chandler, Divinity
56. Adrian White, Divinity
57. Zachary Stoebner, computer science / MS
58. Dewei Hu, EE/Ph.D
59. Josefine Parker, Divinity School & Graduate Student Chaplain at K.C. Potter Center
60. Lantana Grub, Biological Sciences
61. Madison Bates, Biomedical Engineering
62. Mellissa Meisels, Political Science
63. Meg Wade, Divinity
64. Lauren Gaither, MHS
65. Taylor Ballard, Divinity
66. Nathan Frisch, Anthropology
67. Maya Krause, Anthropology
68. Rebecca Estrada, Anthropology
69. Edward Vogel, Grad Department of Religion
70. Adam Schoenbachler, Sociology
71. Heather Meston, Teaching and Learning
72. Arthur Butler Jr, CDA
73. Selena Chisom-Payne, Divinity School
74. Grace Smith, Medicine, Health, and Society
75. Micaela Harris, DTL
76. Olivia H. Thomas, Divinity School
77. Sarah Burriss, Teaching and Learning
78. Laura Stark , MHS
79. Diana Handal, Human Development Counseling
80. Nicollette Mitchell, Teaching and learning
81. Rebecca Cutler, Psychological Sciences
82. Bethany Daniel, Department of Teaching and Learning
83. Charles Parrish, HDC
84. Caroline Cencer , CDB
85. Kaitlin Herbert, Teaching and Learning
86. Maggie Ratley
87. Georgey Weissman, Human Development Counseling
88. Maria Lopez Cavestany, BME
89. Lana Cosic
90. Lauren D. Garrett, Divinity
91. Courtney Sells, Divinity
92. Amberly Dziesinski
93. Bethany Gardner, Psychology & Human Development
94. Blake Baleami
95. Sarah Lee, Teaching and Learning
96. Han Liu CS
97. Basak Cermikli Ayvaz, Teaching and Learning
98. Amy Zheng, Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering
99. Fatimah Khalilah Boone, Nursing
100. Zhe Zhang, sociology
101. Madeleine Lewis, Divinity
102. Samantha Turley, Anthropology
103. Ristina Gooden, Divinity
104. Sylvia Cheever, Anthropology
105. Ashley Buchanan, Divinity
106. Odalys Arbelaez, MHS
107. Jana Yan, MHS/ Child Development
108. Kay Heffernan, Peabody/Divinity
109. Cindy S Kilton, Human Development Counseling
110. Steven P. Rodriguez, History
111. Faatoia Tufele, MDiv.
112. Emerson Bodde, Philosophy
113. Kearra Haynes, Vanderbilt Divinity School
114. Colette Marcellin, Political science
115. James White, Cell and Developmental Biology
116. Patrick Reilly, History
117. Andrew Burnside, Philosophy
118. Kathryn , Anthropology
119. Taqiyyah Elliott, Divinity
120. Marli McMillin, Human Development Counseling
121. Jordan McCormick, Divinity School
122. Coral Lu, HDC-CMHC
123. Sarah DiMaggio, Philosophy
124. Beth Maczka, Divinty
125. Ben Scheartz, English
126. Carson Moore, PHD Chemistry
127. Will Compton, Divinity
128. Paul Taufalele, Biomedical engineering
129. Micaella Jorge, Chemistry
130. Natalia Pierson, Divinity
131. Monique Porter , IGP
132. sebastian levar spivey, Divinity
133. courtney ariel Bowden, divinity
134. Charlotte Visser, Divinity
135. Natalie Pak, Special Education
136. Emma Gautney, Divinity School
137. Zhe Zhang, Sociology
138. ReAnna S Roby
139. ziqi zhao, computer science
140. Serena McMillan, Graduate Department of Religion
141. Xinyi Li, Computer science
142. Yuheng Shi
143. Spencer Turney, MHS
144. Wendy Bindeman
145. Layla Aref, Chemical and physical biology
146. Tierney Baum, Cell and Developmental Biologu
147. Yuanhao Lyu, Computer Science
148. Chloe paravicini
149. Shannon White, Divinity
150. Kerry Hare-Buchanan, HDC
151. Jin Yue, English Language Learners
152. Hongzhe Wang, GPED
153. Katelyn Mase, HDC dual track
154. Sarah Glass, Cell and Developmental Biology
155. KeShawn Ivory, Astrophysics
156. Bria Smith, Law
157. Robert Aoki Havas, Law
158. Patricia Duke, Divinity
159. Olivia Feehan-Nelson, CDB
160. Daniel Hawn, Law
161. Johnny N. Ekofo, Divinity School
162. Kay Arasin, Law
163. Yvonne Chen, Sociology
164. Serena Quinlan, Law
165. Toni Cross, Law school
166. Addison Grace Hadley, HDC - dual
167. Nitya Kari
168. Marissa Schoedel, GREES
169.        Carl Stone,  Biological Sciences
170. Julia Pinette, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
171. Efrat Dim, Teaching and Learning
172. Pawan Bhat, Cancer biology
173. Kaleigh Ruiz, Political Scuence
174. Emily Olson, HDC
175. Allison Kirkegaard, Divinity
176. Carwil Bjork-James, Anthropology
177. Claire Helton, Divinity
178. Chinyere Erondu, Divinity
179. Lok Weng Cheong, Biochem
180. Citlali Padilla, Divinity
181. Eugenia Zavaleta, Anthropology
182. Derek Price
183. Jorge Salles Diaz, Law
184. Juan José López, Anthropology
185. Emely Henriquez, IGP
186. Shannon Martello, Chemical and biomolecular engineering
187. Miguel Angel Chavez, History
188. Jorge Salas, EECS
189. Anna Jo , English
190. Candace Grisham, Biomedical engineering
191. Breelyn Karno, IGP
192. Shangyuan Xu
193. Yizhou Li, Computer Science
194. Macy Browning
195. Laura Fittz, Peabody Teaching & Learning
196. Alia Noel Norton, Divinity
197. Raven Powell, LOP
198. Christine Dickason, Peabody LPO
199. Rocio Posada-Castaneda, MPH, Global Health
200. Mary Chalkley, Cell & Developmental Biology
201. Sir Cole, M.Div
202. Megan Stanchfield, CDB
203. Erin Bratu, Electrical engineering
204. Molly Williams
205. Julia Ough, HOD/HDC
206. Janna Perry, Law
207. Kelsey Dillehay, Special Education
208. Hunter Funk
209. Yubo Feng
210. Amelia Cephas, IGP
211. Brazil Remani, Sociology
212. Richard Sakamoto-Pugh, History
213. Verra Ngwa
214. Amira Vivrette, Medicine, Health, & Society
215. Lilian Doyle, Peabody - Special Education
216. Jessie Wang, Special Education
217. Mengqing Chen, Data Science
218. Chloe Liu, Learning/ELL
219. Junlin Guo, Electrical Engineering
220. Yueqi Wang, Teaching and learning
221. Chihoon In, HDC
222. Xing Yao, CS
223. Melanie Chong, Special Education
224. Caroline Johnston, History PhD
225. Ashley Cavnar, IGP
226. Megan Jordan, Sociology
227. Sarah Vassall, Neuroscience
228. ziqi zhao, Computer science
229. Xinyu Li, Computer science
230. Chase Mackey, Neuroscience
231. Claire Cross, IGP
232. Audrey Arner, Biological Sciences
233. Owen Hale, IGP
234. Ali Scalici, Human Genetics
235. Michael Havazelet, Teaching and Learning
236. Alexis Guenther, Cell and Developmental Biology
237. Kieran Coffey, History
238. Kimberlyn Ellis, Human Genetics
239. Candice Love, Teaching and Learning
240. Tessaly Jen, Teaching, Learning, & Diversity
241. Rachel Siegman, Teaching, Learning, & Diversity
242. Carolyn Yee, Special Education
243. Madison Goldsborough, MHS
244. Kristal Orta Martinez, Special Education
245. Jennifer Ondrey, Teaching & Learning
246. Shelby McNeill, Peabody-LPO
247. Shawn Reilly, Divinity
248. Gabriela Gonzalez  Vasquez, IGP
249. Alyssa Scartozzi, IGP
250. Jessica Zhu
251. McKenzie Windham, QCB
252. Alexandra Mulligan, Cell and Developmental Biology
253. Tanner Shearer, IGP
254. Lea Davis, Human Genetics
255. Verda Agan, Biochemistry
256. Daniel Gustavson, Medicine
257. Elly Brokamp, human genetics
258. Sarah Groves, Chemical and Physical Biology
259. Franco P. Crosby, Divinity School
260. Daniel Sack, Medical Scientist Training Program/Epidemiology
261. Jemma Suwa, Divinity/Peabody
262. Grahame Evans, Human Genetics
263. Allie Lake, Human Genetics
264. Travis D. Chavis, Divinity
265. Rachel Novak, CDA
266. Rachana Nitin, Vanderbilt Brain Institute
267. Mindy Pike, Epidemiology
268. Maria Niarchou, Genetics Medicine
269. Melinda Aldrich, Genetic Medicine
270. Zoey Song, Epidemiology
271. Tianyi Sun, Department of Biostatistics
272. Tyne Miller-Fleming, Medicine
273. Rany Octaria, Epidemiology
274. Wanying Zhu
275. Xiaopeng Sun, Cancer Bio
276. Camille Kammer, Divinity
277. Mary Kate Macedonia, Pharmacology
278. Amanda Howa, Epidemiology
279. Colin Henry, Political Science
280. Nathan Spear, IMS
281. Graham Watson, Divinity
282. Celia Nicholson, CDA
283. Melanie Gil
284. Kaidi Kang, Biostatistics
285. dongsheng han, Bio sci
286. Pranoti Pradhan, Epidemiology
287. Meghan Corriere, Epidemiology
288. Megan Taylor, Biostatistics
289. Elizabeth Metts, Teaching and Learning
290. Johanna Pittock, learning, diversity, and urban studies
291. Gillian Engelbrecht, Teaching and Learning, Learning, Diversity, and Urban Studies
292. Jessica Creedon, MHS
293. Brenda Rios, Cancer Biology
294. Adam Miranda, Cancer Biology
295. Michael Betti, Human Genetics
296. Shounak Ghosh, History/PhD
297. Vishakha Agrawal, Special Ed.
298. Vincent Yao, Biochemistry
299. Isaac Ackerman, Divinity
300. Payton Stone, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
301. James Baker, Human Genetics
302. Claudia Monterroza R, History
303. Blythe Hospelhorn, Human Genetics
307. Cara Sutcliffe, Human Genetics
308. Julie Burkett, Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
309. Sung Jun Han, Philosophy
310. Danielle Rankin, Epidemiology
311. Yujin Ahn, Divinity
312. Lisa Madura, Philosophy
313. Lin Ammar, Epidemiology PhD program
314. Mirazul Islam, CDB
315. Seulbin Lee, Religion
316. Rachael Yonek, Philosophy
317. Lauren Petty, Epidemiology
318. Marek Bruckner, HDC
319. Darwin Baluran, Sociology
320. Rashad Taylor, MPH
321. Daniel Williamson, Sociology
322. Alissa Vierra
323. Dylan Hanson
324. Lydia Yao, Biostatistics
325. Chelsea Campbell, IGP
326. Matt Cagle
327. Jessica Lee
328. Rebecca Embalabala, IGP
329. Megan H Murray, Biostatistics
330. Ryan Dalforno, MPH
331. Ethan Oseas, BME
332. Ana Delgado, Child Studies
333. Samuel Stubbs, Human & Organizational Development, Computer Science
334. Shirley Russell, Dermatology/VGI
335. Lucas Mburu, GDR
336. José Zepeda, Pharmacology
337. Jared Phillips, Pharmacology
338. Ruth Bellevue, Human and Organizational Development | Medicine,  Health, and Society
339. Sammy Mangin, MHS
340. Nathaniel Hamilton, Electrical Engineering
341. Christopher Hoskins, Religion
342. Katrina Armas, divinity-ThM
343. Natalie Sarrett, VDS MTS
344. Thomas Arkansas, Religion
345. Jeremy Brooks, Divinity
346. Darrell E. Brown, MDIV
347. Keiko Cooper-Hohn, Divinity
348. Mark Mabry, Divinity
349. Sabreyna reese, HEA
350. Jade McDaniel, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
351. Elizabeth Hengen, Divinity
352. Cato M. Milder, Epidemiology
353. L Sotolongo, Divinity
354. Stacey Haralson , Divinity
355. Summer Rucker, School of Engineering
356. Shirley Xu, Peabody LPO
357. Audrey Shinar, HDC
358. Andrew Puente, Chemistry
359. Sarah Coleman, Gender and Sexuality Studies
360. Joseph Milner
361. Antonia Schatte, CDA
362. Samuel J Dunham, Astronomy
363. Kimberly Dillard, Divinty
364. andrew vroman
365. Myranda Uselton
366. Olivia Camille Harden, MHS
367. LJ Zwiebel, Biological Sciences
368. Vivian Truong, Pharmacology
369. KJ Li, Pharmacology
370. KeAndreya Morrison, Pharmacology
371. Gerald Figal, Asian Studies & History
372. Lauren Drake, Biomedical Engineering
373. Mike Reynolds, Physics and Astronomy
374. Kira Simpson, Bridge Program
375. Karl jaehnig, Astrophysics
376. William Lamb, Astronomy
377. Justin Malave, Physics
378. Kylie Balotin, Biomedical Engineering
379. Edgar Carrillo, Physics
380. Carolyn Drake, Astronomy
381. Ketaki Katdare, Neuroscience
382. Mariana Jimenez, Neuroscience
383. Rebecca Sale, Human Genetics
384. Sage Snider, Law
385. Brandon von Kriegelstein, Law
386. Chase Rowland, Law
387. Justin Brooks, Law
388. Kelly Guerin, Law
389. Tasia Harris, Law
390. Carol Kalanges, None
391. Blaine Sanders, Law
392. Yuna Jeon
393. Cara DeLoach, LPO
394. Lara Sverdlik, Law
395. Lauren Donahue, Special Education
396. Rohit Murthy, Law
397. Hunter Ty Berry, Law School
398. Harrison Halberg, Law School
399. Nat nigro, HDC
400. Kimya Raietparvar, MHS
401. Danielle Adank, Neuroscience
402. Ruben Martinez Barricarte, Department of Medicine, Division of Genetic Medicine
403. Michelle Southard-Smith, Medicine/Human Genetics, CDB, Neuroscience
404. Amy Stark, Pharmacology
405. Sarah Guagliardo, Human Genetics
406. Haley Yaremych, Psychology & Human Development
407. Maya Antoine, MHS
408. Yujie Wang, Math
409. Marie Naguib, Law School
410. Yaheli J. Vargas-Ramos
411. Anthony Chen
412. Jacob Grayson, Physics PhD
413. Jessica Brown, HGEN
414. William Romero, Political Science
415. James Sutcliffe, Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
416. Francisco A Santelli, LPO
417. Estelle Shaya, Latin American Studies and EES
418. Cassandra Awgulewitsch, Cell and Developmental Biology
419. Tara Hickman, QCB
420. Ting-Chen Wang, QCB
421. Xuqing Gao, School of Arts and Science
422. Yuhe Pan, Child Studies
423. Hannah N Ritchie, English
424. Walin Iswari
426. Katrina Poon, bsci
427. Celia Woodhull, Law
428. Katherine Kirby, Owen Graduate School of Management
429. Jamie Wittman, Owen
430. Julian Delgado, Computer Science
431. Gracemarie Viggiano, Medicine, Health, & Society
432. Serena Pao, Secondary Education & Chemistry
433. Kensey Bergdorf, Pharmacology
434. Read Ezell, MBA
435. Kai-li Sam Fong, MHS and Philosophy
436. Natalie Huerta, Special Education
437. ‘Ana Fonongava’inga Stringer
438. William Krause, History
439. Shengyue Wang, HOD
440. Katie McCormack,  Anthropology
441. Sarah Evans LPO
442. Sammuel Kim, Law
443. Lisa Orucevic, Law
444. Emily Burgess, Law
445. Nirali Vyas, Law
446. Kimberlyn Hughes, Law
447. Lauren Lankenau, Law School
448. Colleen Parga,  Law school
449. Cassidy Parkison, Buttrick Hall/A&S
450. Karalyn J Berman, Law
451. Mary Basso, Law School
452. Mary Preston Austin, Law
453. Natalie Ruth Graves, Law
454. Maddie Kincaid, Law School
455. Nazirah Mohd Khairi
456. Alex Belovsky, History
457. Ashwaq Zaini Amat, Engineering
458. Blair Ellis, Neuroscience
459. Lucinda Pastora, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
460. Danna Chacon, Arts and Sciences
461. Kai Yearwood, Medicine, Health and Society
462. Serra Erbas, Owen Graduate School of Management
463. Kaitlyn Ginika Nwaba, Neuroscience, political science
464. Parker Williams, Blair School of Music
465. Brian Doherty
466. Jack Marr
467. Jordan Alexis Young
468. Ty Hairr
469. William Nobis, Neuroscience
470. Alana Green
471. Laura Carter-Stone, Teaching and Learning
472. Josh Young
473. Black Lives Matter Nashville
474. Sarah Calise
475. Jacob Gambrell, Divinity School
476. Eric Schechter, Mathematics
477. Jaehee Kim
478. Marguerite Beane, Ally
479. Eric Wright, Biomedical Engineering
480. Zoey Bryant, IGP
481. Eden Lambert, Economics and HOD
482. Celia Applegate, History
483. Joy Padgett
484. Kelsey Owens, Law
485. Samantha Sprole
486. Ivey Li
487. Delanyo Mensah, HOD
488. Francisco Garcia, Graduate Department of Religion
489. Josie Meiss
490. Jeremy Veramendi
491. David Lee Myers
492. Nathan Lee
493. Jennifer Gutman, English
494. Djenanway Se-Gahon, English
495. Vinay Anand Dhanvada, Civil engineering
496. Juliana Anuakpado
497. Madeline Allen, Civil Engineering
498. easton maxey, EES/Architecture/Anthropology
499. Saksham Saksena, Biology
500. Laurel Bellocchio, Chemistry
501. Sara Bottome, Biochemistry
502. Jiaming Zhang, A&S
503. Allie Reichert, Anthropology
504. Brina Ratangee, Neuroscience and MHS
505. Ashley Mullen, MHS
506. Madiya Harriott, MHS
507. Kianna Robinson, IGP
508. Barbara Rodriguez Navaza, Anthropology
509. Olivia Chen, Neuroscience; Medicine, Health, and Society
510. Sophie Camardo, Undergraduate Child Studies
511. Angelica Hooten, LOP
512. Cameron Cohen, IGP
513. Douglas Mortlock, MPB, MPB/HGEN
514. Caroline Godfrey, Public Health
515. Rohini Chakravarthy, MPH
516. Daniel J Boddie, Law School
517. Kevin Pereira, CPB
518. Matthew Rumohr, HDC CMHC
519. Madison Thacker, Human Development Counseling
520. Chidinma Onukwuru, Undergraduate Student
521. ruochen li, undergrad
522. Thomas Davis, Faculty Spouse
523. Allison J Taylor, Owen
524. Amy Elizabeth Scruggs
525. Ashley Fox, Law

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