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Tania Hughes Wellness Client-Practitioner COVID Safety Agreement
At Tania Hughes Wellness, the goal is to maximize safety for both clients and practitioner. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring a conscientious session for us both (and all the people with whom we make contact). 

In accordance with CDC best practices and to ensure our mutual safety I, Tania Hughes, pledge to follow all CDC procedures such as:
1) Follow safe distancing and mask wearing guidelines when appropriate. (Please inform me if you wish for  me to wear a mask during our session).
2) Fully sanitize the treatment room before and after a client visit, including such items as door handles, light switches, and provide a medical grade HEPA air filter in the treatment room.  
3) Properly wear a mask when recommended by the CDC during Covid spikes, and/or during client contact when requested by clients.  In particular, this means wearing a close-fitting, double-ply mask.
4) Refrain from any contact with others in the event of illness, whether it is suspected to be COVID or otherwise. Likewise, I will abide by all public safety guidance to quarantine after any suspected exposure or unsafe conditions.
 5) Schedule with clients who are willing to abide by these same practices.  
 6) I, Tania Hughes, am fully vaccinated and 4x boosted.

In turn, Tania Hughes Wellness requires that all clients work to ensure the safety of the practitioner and other clients by agreeing to:

1) Safe mask-wearing and social distancing during Covid spikes.  Please refer to CDC mask guidance for further information, available at this link:
2) Arrive no more than 5 minutes before your session.  
3) Immediately call to reschedule your procedure if you are: ill with COVID; have had suspected COVID exposure;  or have another contagious illness.
4) Tania Hughes Wellness reserves the right to modify this policy as our understanding of COVID-19 evolves, and reserves the right to implement variances to these policies on a case-by-case basis when situations warrant. In all cases, the minimum standard to attend a bodywork or yoga session in-person will be no less than the CDC return-to-work guidelines for healthcare.
5) Inform Tania if I wish for her to wear a mask during our session.
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