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Oak Hills Science Fair Registration 2019
This form needs to be filled out for each student who wants to do a project for the 2019 Science Fair. If your child is doing a Science, Creative Stem, or Engineering Project, they MUST complete the appropriate proposal in the back of the packet and turn it in at school. Students who are doing only an Engineering Challenge (i.e. marble run or balloon-powered race car) do not need to complete a proposal.
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Would someone in your house be willing to volunteer as a reviewer at the Science Fair? It's easy and fun, and we need lots of help. If "yes", please provide a name and email address. Thank you!
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IF your student has a partner, please confirm with the partner, then enter the partner's name here.
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Is your student doing another kind of project? If so, please have them fill out the appropriate proposal from the packet and turn it in at school. *
Got a question? Want to tell us something? Write it here!
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Thank you! Please have your student turn in whatever proposal they need to at school. Before Spring Break, your student will receive a board (unless they are doing only an Engineering Challenge) and a flyer with their review time on it. If you have questions or changes later, please email
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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