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First comes love, then comes homeownership?
You don’t have to own your house to make it a home, says U.S. Catholic associate editor Sarah Butler.

Do you agree?

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1. I own my own home.
2. I purchased my home at age:
3. Owning a home is the logical next step after getting married.
4. A major goal in my life is to own a home.
5. A house is not a real home unless there is a backyard.
6. I do not feel at home in my rental.
7. A two-bedroom home that you own is better than a two-bedroom home that you rent.
8. I live: (check all that apply)
9. There is more than one way to create a home.
10. It makes sense to own a home before you have children.
11. America is obsessed with creating real homes.
12. Owning a home is always a sound financial decision.
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