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'LWMB' Wind Section Memory Check Video Form
Part of your responsibilities as a member of the LWMB is to have all of your music memorized for rehearsals/performances. All students will be held accountable for this task by the Band Directors, Instructional Staff, and Student Leadership.

To ensure that you know your music, wind performers will need to submit ‘memory check’ videos through YouTube to the directors/staff/student leadership.

Below are the required dates for the ‘memory check’ video submissions:

Please submit link to video using memory check form before 11:59pm on the dates listed below.

#1 - Battle Hymn of the Republic, November 4
#2 - Land of Make Believe, November 11
#3 - Land that I Love, November 18
#4 - My County ’Tis of Thee - November 25
#5 - This is My Country - December 2

How to submit a video:

1.) Using a smartphone/tablet/computer, create a video of yourself performing the required music. If you do not have access to a personal smartphone or tablet, you may use a school iPad to complete the memory check. Please arrange a time with the director at your school.

Before shooting the video make sure that your entire upper body is in the frame. Students should be standing, with proper marching band instrument carriage while recording the video.

2.) Create a free account at, then upload your video to your account. Be sure to select “Unlisted” option when uploading.

Visit for instructions on how to upload videos to YouTube from various devices.

3.) Submit the link to your video by submitting the “LWMB Memory Check Video Form" below.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this procedure, please contact the directors.
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