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Sign the Belgrade Call to Action
Civil society organisation (CSO) representatives, development workers, activists, and campaigners from all over the world demand action for a robust civic space for democratic participation, ending the persecution of human rights defenders, promotion of access to governance and opportunities for development, and delivery on the commitment to inclusive participation in realising the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

According to the CIVICUS Monitor, 6 in 10 countries face conditions with serious constraints on civic space. Six billion people live in these 111 countries, so this is a critical moment for civil society leaders around the world to show resolve and take the fight for civic freedoms to the next level. We urge the leadership of all like-minded CSOs to sign onto the Belgrade Call to Action, and commit to promoting this Call through their own initiatives at the global, regional and national levels, especially to amplify our messages before the United Nations High-Level Political Forum in July and the UN Special Session in September 2019. It is essential that CSO voices and insights can be heard to guarantee the promise to ‘leave no one behind’ and achieve the SDGs.

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You can share the Call to Action on social media with the hashtag #StandTogether.

Your signature will be received by the coordination team at Action for Sustainable Development, a platform of organizations working towards a more just and sustainable world. If you have any questions about the Call to Action, feel free to contact Oli Henman, Action for Sustainable Development Coordinator, at

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The Belgrade Call to Action
I call on all Member States, meeting in the 2019 UN High Level Political Forum:

1. To take concrete steps to protect and enable space for civil society, including enabling laws and regulations, democratic accountability based on human rights norms and human rights standards, and the full protection of civil society under attack – such as social leaders, human rights defenders and gender equality activists.

2. To embed inclusion and meaningful accountability to people in development practices.

3. To implement and respect democratic country ownership of national development plans and implement transparency and accountability for inclusive SDG delivery.

4. To lead by example with concerted action to challenge major human rights violations, including deteriorating conditions facing peoples’ organizations, trade unions, women’s rights organizations, indigenous peoples, and community-based environmentalists, among many others.

5. To recognise the importance of the inter-connected themes in achieving Agenda 2030 -- civil society voice, eradicating poverty, women’s empowerment, fighting inequality, decent work, climate action and environmental justice.

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