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Election Report Feedback Form (ERFF) 2019-2020 Intro
Hello Key Clubbers,

Welcome to the ERFF, also called the Election Report Feedback Form. The importance of this form is to request your input, as you will help improve and update the system of Election Report Forms for the future. As District Secretary, I have seen many benefits from the current system, as well as flaws, and in order to make it easier for clubs to complete the form (as well as for me to file and implement the correct information into the club officer directory), changes must be made.

In this form, you will have the opportunity to anonymously make your voice heard. All comments are taken very seriously, and I appreciate all constructive criticism you have to offer. Your opinions and beliefs will allow me to not only better my services, but also to improve what will be offered to future club secretaries.

This form is highly recommended for all who have submitted a physical or digital ERF (presidents, advisors, secretaries, etc). Also, remember not be afraid to elaborate if you provide an idea to fix an issue.

Thank you so much!

Preston Parana, District Secretary 2019-2020
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