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Nairobi Stew - Apply to pitch
Nairobi Stew is a microgranting dinner celebrating and supporting creative community projects in Nairobi.

There are only two rules at Nairobi Stew:
1. You cannot use technology to present your idea.
2. Your idea has to be about the city of Nairobi.

You will have 4 minutes to pitch, and then you will answer 4 questions from the audience. You can apply as an individual or as a team.

What should I consider when writing my proposal?
- Your proposal doesn’t need to be a novel. Make it short, quick and to the point.
- Your idea can be about ANYTHING within the city of Nairobi.
- You do not have to be a resident to submit an idea, and age is just a number so please don’t limit yourself or a child! We want to hear from all.
- If you idea doesn’t get selected for this month’s stew, then SUBMIT AGAIN! Many ideas are submitted for every event and only 4 submissions are chosen.
- Save your work ahead of time. Once you submit your application, you can’t change it.
- Save what you wrote, so if you want to resubmit at a later time, you’ll have your last proposal ready.
- Anything you submit may be used in printed flyer at the dinners.
- Make sure you edit, look for spelling errors, etc. Getting feedback on what you’ve written from a trusted friend is always a good idea.

If your idea wins the popular vote, we will invite you to the next Nairobi Stew (held every quarter) to report to the community about your project's progress.

We accept applications on a rolling basis, which means that you will hear from us two weeks before each Nairobi Stew.

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