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Intern for Jamesthemormon
Internship Positions are unpaid but you will receive college credit at BYU or UVU.
You can even just come help regularly if you want.

Production Assistant -

Production assistants meet 1 or 2 times a week with the Director. The group of PA's will discuss the needs for the next upcoming project and then receive assignments to help produce the film. PA's will need to take ownership over their assignments. Experience is not a qualification but is always preferred.

JTM Blogger -

Bloggers will be asked a blog once a month. There is one meeting a month where you will be assigned a topic and a date to have your blog written. We do require writing experience. If you want we will point all readers to your own blog / social media to give you credit for your writing.

"I just want to help" -

This is if you don't have any specific skills but you want to help where you can.

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