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MFSH - Leadership Positions
March for Science - Houston is searching for dedicated, driven volunteers to join our Leadership:

1- Treasurer: (Board of Directors position) Must have experience, knowledge or education in finances, accounting and taxes. 501(c)3 experience preferred.

2- Diversity and Inclusion Chair: This individual would spearhead our Diversity and Inclusion efforts as we transition from a movement to a nonprofit organization. Diversity and inclusion are paramount to the success of our organization, we strive to foster an inclusive and diverse environment within our organization and every aspect of our efforts and outreach. Inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility in science are critical for science to serve all communities.

3- Finance and Fundraising Committee Chair: This Committee is responsible for developing and reviewing fiscal procedures, fundraising plan, and annual budget with staff and other board members. Works closely with staff to create and implement the financial resource plan that will guide the staff and board’s activities in seeking out and securing funding from diverse sources.

4- Community Outreach Committee Chair: Our community is the reason we exist, this committee will focus on connecting the public to the organization, promote our mission and get the community excited about our events, projects and programs that will enrich our city.

5- Science Advisory Council: We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive scientific community. We are seeking scientists in underrepresented, marginalized groups to join our Science Advisory Council. Discrimination whether by race, socioeconomic status, skin color, background, gender, orientation or ability must stop, we want your voices to be heard, represented and amplified.

Note: these positions are long term and strictly volunteer. At this time there will be no monetary compensation for your services, every person in our organization, from the President to event staff will give their time with no expectation of payment. You may apply for 2 positions, Board and a Chair position at the same time, many Board Members carry two titles. Serious inquiries only.

We truly appreciate your willingness to come on board March for Science Houston and help Houston thrive through science! For questions email us at

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