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DELTA SALVATION Release Launch Giveaway
Enter for a chance to win a Pink Kindle Fire, and a SIGNED COPY of Mystic Wolves in paperback.

-The more you do, the more entries you have in the giveaways.
-You MUST do at least TWO entry options in order to enter the drawing.
-Entries don't count unless you fill the entry all the way out (check the check boxes, fill out the text fields)
-If you don't want to do an entry option, just skip it. The form doesn't require you to fill out every single entry option.
-IF you already follow/like/belong etc... you're all set, just fill in the user name field or check the boxes where requested.
-You must be 18 or older.
-You get 5 bonus entries if you preorder Delta Salvation and post your Preorder Link.

Delta Salvation, Phantom Force Book 1
Your First Name
Your email (one that you check often so if you are the winner, you don't miss your prize)
KINDLE FIRE & SIGNED MYSTIC WOLVES. One person will win the Kindle, and one will win the signed paperback.
ENTRY #1 Add Delta Salvation to your TBR shelf on Goodreads and tell me under which user name you added it.
ENTRY #2 Follow me on the Twitter
ENTRY #3 Follow me on Amazon (click the gold follow button under my picture)
ENTRY #4 Like my FB page. Tell me what name did you like me under :)
ENTRY #6 Preorder Delta Salvation for 5 Bonus Entries and post your Order # Here <3
ENTRY #7 Have you joined the group Wolf Pack? Come join me and some of the greatest shifter authors and readers.
ENTRY #7 Have you joined the group We Wrote Your Book Boyfriend? Come join me and 4 other great authors who love to give stuff away.
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