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Big Bacon Theory of Image and Marketing Survey
This survey is for attendees to provide feedback for the Big Bacon Theory of Image & Marketing Workshop.
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How informative was the presentation to your team?
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What parts of the presentation, if any, were beneficial to your team?
Please explain if the workshop helped your team in the following areas.
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Mission statement/Strategic Planning:
Marketing to Judges:
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Digital, social, video, and print media:
Rebranding, or updating:
Was the Imagery Handout helpful?
Was the Strategic Planning handout helpful?
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Can you tell us specifically how the workshop help your team​?
Do you have any suggestions on what we can improve in the format or content of the presentation?
Has BBTIM had a positive impact on the way you think about the Image and Marketing of your team?
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Would you recommend BBTIM to another team?
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Would you attend BBTIM again?
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