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APP Request Form
Please use this form to request new apps to be pushed out to your iPads. We recognize that all Apps have some educational value, but we are only able to approve a limited number of Apps each quarter to preserve the performance integrity of the iPads.

Note: Apps are approved once per quarter, and the last day of each quarter is also the deadline for requesting Apps. Curriculum coordinators will review and approve or deny app requests at the start of each quarter, and apps will be made available soon after. An APPalogue will be continuously updated and provided to district staff to learn about all available Apps and how these Apps might be used in classrooms.

The following are considered "Foundation Apps" and do not require an Application. They will remain on the iPads for the foreseeable future:

30 Hands
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe Fill & Sign
Adobe Spark Video
Class DoJo
ConnectEd McGraw Hill
Destiny Discover
Destiny Quest
Educreations Interactive Whiteboard
Expeditions Developed by Google, Inc.
Explain Everything
Gibbs Smith Education
Google Chrome
Google Classroom
Google Docs
Google Drive
Google Photos
Google Sheets
Google Slides
HMH Close Reads: Grades 6-8
HMH Common Core Reading Practice and Assessment Grades K-5
HMH Readers
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt eTextbooks
iTunes U
Kahoot! - Play Learning Games
KITE Client
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Teams (Replaces Classroom)
Microsoft Word
NWEA Secure Testing (MAP)
Paper 53
Pearson eText
Pearson eText for Schools
Photo Booth
Pic Collage for Kids
Pixton Comic Maker
Popplet Lite
Puffin Academy
Puffin Web Browser (Elementary)
QR Reader for iPad
READ 180 Universal Student App
Shadow Puppet EDU
Sock Puppets
Socrative Student
TES Teach with Blendspace
The BullyBøx
TinyTap, Games by Teachers
Visual Task Timer
YouTube Kids

Section One: User Information
Last Name
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First Name
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Email Address
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Your Grade Level(s) or Content Area(s)
e.g. 3rd grade, Science, SPED
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Section Two: App Name and Description
App Name
Please use the specific and full App name to avoid any confusion.
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App Information
Developer Name
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Brief Description (1-2 sentences)
This description can be provided by you or the App store. You will have the opportunity to provide an advanced description later in the application.
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Which content area(s) would best benefit from this App? You may select more than one answer.
Maturity Rating
Please use the Maturity Rating listed in the App store. Do not determine the rating on your own.
Star Ratings
Please use the star ratings for the most recent release in the App store. Do not use your own star rating.
Does this App offer "In-App Purchases"?
The "In-App Purchase" designation is listed on the information page.
Does this App require the student to create an account before using?
Does this App require a username/password from a different piece of software, organization, or company?
Examples include online textbook logins, cable channels, memberships, etc.
Curriculum Connections
Since the information you provide here will be included in our district APPalogue, you are encouraged to submit a final draft that has been edited offline and copied/pasted below.

NOTE: We’ve identified an incredible resource that might speed up the application process for you. Common Sense Media offers ratings and reviews of thousands of iPad Apps, and they also provide some (but not all) of the information we’ve embedded into our approval process . . . including descriptions for classroom usage!! As long as you cite that the “descriptions were provided by Common Sense Media,” you can use some of the content to complete your application. Go to for more information!

Please list the specific curriculum indicators that this App will address.
It is not necessary to list more than 2 indicators even if the App matches several indicators. Please use the number followed by a brief description. Example: 3.OA Multiply and divide within 100 or RL.3.6 – Distinguish their own point of view from that of the narrator or those of the characters.
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Usage Examples
Please provide 2-3 compelling examples of how you would use this App to teach your curriculum. This information will be used in our APPalogue.
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App Description
Please use this space to describe the App in your own words as it relates to your classroom with your students. This information could include units of study, chapters, concepts, or indicators. This information will be used in our APPalogue.
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SAMR Evaluation
Please review each of the following choices and choose the one that best fits this App.
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