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Bus Service - To and From Blueridge Survey
Are you satisfied with Translink and the 214 service from Blueridge? Please take a minute to fill out our survey.
Do you take Transit? *
If so, how often?
If not, why not?
Please briefly tell us why you do not take the bus
If the bus service were more reliable would you take it?
Where do you go to or come from?
When/If mobility pricing is introduced in the Lower Mainland, will that make you take the bus more often?
Do you drive from home to an alternate location (ie, Phibbs) because the 214 is inadequate?
How could the bus service to/from Blueridge/Seymour Heights be most improved?
Have you experienced that the 214 bus simply does not show up?
How often do you arrive at Phibbs exchange to see the 214 bus leaving without you, or it has just left a few seconds earlier?
Has TransLink’s service failures forced you and your family to buy a (second) car?
Do you carpool currently, or would you consider carpooling?
Please check off your age group
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