SE Cuisine Ambassadors: How Do You Shop for Food?

Tell us all about shopping circumstances in your land!


<strong>How long should these be?</strong>
One to 2 quick paragraphs (100 to 200 words) on any given topic. If you feel you need more room to tell the story, go for it, but don't feel like you have to write a book! The idea is that these are quick snapshots into daily life in XYZ country/region.

<strong>How many do I have to fill out?</strong>
As many or as few as you like!

<strong>What's the schedule? Are there deadlines?</strong>
We want to make this easy for you, so just fill them out at your leisure or whenever inspiration strikes. We'll email a reminder from time to time when the stockpile of dispatches starts getting low. (The way things are going so far, we may not be emailing a nudge for a while! And, if you want to be left off these reminder emails, you can always tell us to stop bugging you at any time.)

<strong>I just filed mine! When will it appear on the site?</strong>
We'll post responses on SE as they roll in — but we may space them out and intermix them with other ongoing assignments so we get a wide variety of countries and topics in the mix. (Make sense?)


<strong>A nice photo is strongly encouraged.</strong> As you know, SE'rs really respond to visuals. So if you've got an image you want to include with your assignment/post, email it to <strong></strong> with the subject line something like "SE Cuisine Ambassadors, [TOPIC HERE]" — eg <em>SE Cuisine Ambassadors, Breakfast,</em> or <em>SE Cuisine Ambassadors, Street Food</em>.

<strong>Photo copyrights: </strong>Photos should either be your own or one that you have permission to share — i.e., Creative Commons-licensed photos ( or those that are in the public domain. We cannot publish photos that are copyrighted to a third party who has not given us permission.

If you don't have a photo of your own, a good place to look is either on Flickr's Creative Commons search section ( or on Wikipedia, where most images used are shareable.

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    How do you want to be identified on Serious Eats?

    We want to give you proper credit for your dispatch. Let us know how you want to be identified. We take privacy seriously and will not disclose actual names unless that is your wish.
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