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Military Connected Student Information
Is an immediate family member of your child connected to the U.S. Military, including Active Duty, National Guard and Reserves, Retired Military, Disabled Veteran or Civil Service Employee? *
“Immediate family member” is defined as a parent, step-parent, sibling, guardian or any other person that would normally live in the same household as the child.
Names of all ABSS students in your household: *
Student ID's for each ABSS student in your household: *
List Schools of attendance for each ABSS student living in your household: *
Relationship of Military Personnel to Student: *
Branch: *
Status Options: *
The facility where the service member fulfills their duty role in the military. (e.g. Fort Bragg, NG Raleigh Armory, Knightdale Reserve Center etc.)
Enlisted (E-1 through E-9), Officer (O-1 through O-10), Warrant Officer (W-1 through W-5)
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