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Parent Athletics/Activity End of Season Survey
Please complete this short Parent survey about your son/ daughter's experience with the Murray High Athletic Program. This survey is anonymous and coaches will not be given information in regards to who made which comment. Results from these surveys help us to make improvements in our athletic programs so please be honest and specific.
Sport Your Son/Daughter played
I attended the parents meeting
What grade is you son/daughter in? *
What level did your son/daughter mostly play this season? *
What percent of games did you attend this season? *
Rate the questions on the following scale (strongly disagree--disagree--neutral--agree--strongly agree) *
Strongly disagree
Strongly Agree
Coaches were positive role models
Coaches communicated expectations clearly
Coaches were organized
The coaches encourage good sportsmanship
Coaches were dedicated to the program
The coaches had knowledge of the game, rules and strategies
My son/daughter had a rewarding experience
My son/ daughter felt they could talk to the coaches
The program built self-esteem among the players
The program helped improve my student's athletic performance
The program helped improve my student's academic performance
The competition level scheduled was appropirate
Team rules and expectations were realistic and fairly applied
Adequate transportation was provided
The team was properly and safely equipped
The facilities were well maintained
The crowd/ spectators showed good sportsmanship
The school administration and Athletic Director supported the sport my son/daughter participated in
As (a) parent '(s) I/ we enjoyed the season
Rate the questions on a scale of (very poor--poor--good--very good) *
Very poor
Very good
My child's communication with the coaches
My child's improvement since the season began
The coaches attitude towards the players
My child's overall experience
The coaches attitude towards the players
Please list any concerns or suggestions you have in regards to the sport your son/daughter participated in.
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