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QSI International Day 2018
Dear Parents,
We are looking for parent volunteers to help with our upcoming International Day on Friday, January 26th. Please kindly complete the following survey in order to help us make this a fun, exciting event for everyone at QSI International School of Tbilisi!

International Day: Friday, January 26, 2018
On Friday morning:
Country Booths – parents are invited to create a country booth. Children will be visiting country booths and participating in the activities so there will be a flow of students entering and exiting each country booth. The activity should only be about 10 minutes and could be: a game, craft, trivia, song, dance, role-play, costume dress-up, etc. For example: Japan’s Country Booth might teach children about the art of origami so the children get to learn and make animals out of origami. When they finish each country, children will receive a “stamp” in their International Day passport.

Friday evening:
International Night Dinner will be put on by the PSG, (Parent Support Group) – parents, teachers, families, friends and students are invited to wear traditional clothes and share foods from their home countries. Entertainment will include music and folk dancing!

How can parents help?
We need parents who can be Country Organizers! We need parents who can assist the PSG to prepare food for the International Night Dinner!

Country Organizers are parents who are responsible for:
• Organizing a Country Booth that would last about 1 hour on Friday morning.
• Creating an activity for the Country Booth to teach children 1 or 2 things about the country.
• Providing a stamp/seal/sticker to put in the International Day passports when children complete the activity at your Country Booth.
• Organizing and making sure a table with your national food is prepared, decorated and presented during our International Night Dinner.
• Supplying utensils, napkins, plates/bowls for your country food at the dinner.
• Communicating with the school and other parents identified with your country to develop your activity and spreading the word about our International Day feast.
• Wearing your national clothes or traditional costume from your country.

A huge thank you to these Country Booths and Organizers that have volunteered already!
China – Rachel Hu
Georgia – Tamara Akhaladze
Latin America – Maria Giuliani
Nordic countries – Marie Greene
USA - Laurie Kelleher

Students from 5 YO – 13 YO’s will present their home country projects/presentations during the week.

Parent Involvement:
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The Country Booth I will help with is:
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At the QSI International Night Dinner, I would like to bring the following dish for 8 people:
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Thank you for taking the time to submit your responses.
More details about the schedule of events, student presentations and what you will need to setup your Country Booth and Table for International Night will come later.Thank you for your willingness to make International Day a wonderful event!
The International Week Committee
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