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Lakes of Fire '18 Conclave
The story of sleepy billy
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Have you participated in LOF Conclave before?
What do you spin?
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Do you have glow toys? (If yes, what do you have?)
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What Character would you like to be? (You can choose more than one)
Do you have a friend in mind who might want to safety?
Did you know you MUST attend a fire safety meeting at LOF to participate in conclave?
Did you know we'll be having 2 rehearsals at LOF? (TBA)
Are you interested in creating choreography? **Disclaimer** This is on you to organize and rehearse. Once I figure out who's in what character group, we'll start a FB chat to organize and come together. ALSO choreo should be 1-2 minutes MAX (not an entire song), keeping in mind some people might be free styling along with you. Doing a couple 8 counts with a friend is perfect. We only have 30 minutes to convey a story and we want to be fully inclusive. Plenty of people will want to spin with us and we need to make room for those who want to freestyle. Your choreo should not be dependent on the music. When it comes show time, it's chaos and we might not be able to get you out on time (or even hear the music that well). All choreo created will be placed in the center, in front of billy (it's his dream) and all freeflow will be in the wings.
If you have any other questions please email me at
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