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Custom Puppies Application
Please answer every question completely. It is very important to me that I have this information. We take great care in placing puppies and we will not respond to incomplete pieces of information.
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Name (Last, First) *
Street number, city, state and zip where the puppy will live. YOU MUST PROVIDE THE COMPLETE ADDRESS. Be prepared to verify this with a copy of a bill. *
If you are renting, please provide the name of your landlord and their contact information.
Phone number where you may be reached *
Please provide the phone number for vet or name of vet you plan to use. Please call that vets office and secure the fee for a puppy well check. *
Name of employer, work address and occupation. *
Are there children in the home? *
If children, please list ages
Which breed are you most interested in acquiring *
Do you have other pets in your home? If so, please give breed, age and describe temperament. *
Have you owned a dog for the duration of its life? Explain *
Do you have a fenced yard? *
Do you understand that this dog may NOT be left in a yard unsupervised? *
Does anyone in the home have allergies? *
How will you insure the safety of the dog when you are not home? *
Where will the dog sleep? *
Why is this a good time for you to acquire a puppy? *
Why do you want this particular breed/puppy? *
Do you plan to breed this dog? *
Are you aware of the cost of caring for a dog? Can you estimate your budget for the dog? *
Are you willing to commit to keeping the dog for his/her lifetime (12-15 years) pending unforeseeable circumstances? *
What research have you done on dog food? *
Will this dog be used as an ESA? *
Which of the following apply to you? *
Are you interested in some sessions a trainer? *
Signature and Date *
How will you be making your deposit? *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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