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Mercy Mission Mentor Application
Before Becoming a volunteer on the Mercy Mission mentor program all individuals must:

*Complete a reference check and criminal background check.
*Complete training on the MMM code of conduct and child protection policies.
*Complete the mandatory MMM mentor training course.
*Commit to fulfilling the mission, vision and values of Mercy Mission.
*Commit to meeting with their mentee for a minimum of 2 hours per month for a period of one year.
*Acknowledge that they may not be selected as a mentor, or that the matching process cant take considerable time.

General Information
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Emergency contact
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About You
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More About You
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In order to best inform the matching process, please describe your interests, hobbies, skills, as well as any other relevant experience you would like us to take into consideration. (min 150 words) *
Are you able to commute to another area in order to attend your regular meeting with your mentee?
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Reference Request
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Please check the boxes that follow to indicate your consent according to the given statement:
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If i am chosen as a mentor, I give permission to be photographed and/or filmed during my participation in the program *
I also authorise Mercy Mission to include the above stated photographs and/or films in promotional materials for Mercy Mission *
Agreement and signature
By electronically signing YOU declare that the information provided on this form is correct and complete. False or misleading information is sufficient grounds for cancelling any agreements made.
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