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Application for Tech-job seekers, Hyderabad - 17 Jun 2017
Headstart Higher is one of India's coolest and most successful startup hiring initiatives. Organised by Headstart Network, an organisation spearheading the development of the Indian startup ecosystem since 2007, Headstart Higher has helped over 250 startups hire over 800 candidates so far. On an average a startup shortlists 4 candidates at Higher with 67% join rate from candidates that have been offered a job post interviews. Over 30% candidates receive more than one job offers.

Working in a startup is a different ball game altogether. The environment is intense. You are expected to thrive in chaos. Lead instead of follow. There is unlimited work to do. No fixed working hours. Little work life balance. Great growth prospects. And probably satisfaction at the end of every day.

If you think you would be able to thrive in such an environment, please apply.

(By providing information in this form, you give permission for the same to be shared with participating start-ups, if needed by Headstart)

This is only an application form. This information will be used for a selection process, post which you'd have to buy a candidate ticket to participate in the speed-dating. Those who get selected will be sent an email as soon as they are selected. Those who don't get selected will be sent an email after the shortlisting process.

Event Timing: 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Event Address: Shared with Shortlisted Candidates Only
Contact us :
Anil Maddu - 9989924166 - -

I understand that this edition is just for Tech roles and if shortlisted, I will pay a fee of 300 INR to participate as a job-seeker in Headstart Higher *
It's a long form! Sparsely populated forms would be rejected without review. We will shortlist qualified candidates. You need to pay the fee only if you are shortlisted.
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Apps and hobby projects gain maximum points here. Anything you have helped grow? Be candid and keep bragging.
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