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TEDxCoeurdAlene Speaker Application Form
Interested in being a TEDxCoeurdAlene Speaker? You are at the right place! We love hearing from people who have BIG, ORIGINAL, THOUGHT-PROVOKING, ideas to share with the Coeur d'Alene community and the world.

This is the first step toward becoming a TEDxCoeurdAlene speaker! We are excited to hear from you and get to know you. After you complete and submit this form, someone from our speaker curation team will be in touch soon to give you more information about the next steps to becoming a speaker. Be brave - let's do this!
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Your Big, Original, Thought-Provoking Idea: (In one, two, or three sentences describe the theme of your talk. What is the central thought you want people to leave thinking about after listening to you?) *
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Motivation for Speaking: (Why do you want to speak? What drives you to do this?) *
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