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Be honest and thorough it is the best way to find your needs and provided analysis and feedback

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(1) Please fill in the following information
Personal Title
Date of Birth
CPA, etc.
(2) What are the three most important reasons you want to get an MBA (or other graduate degree)?
(3) What types of programs are you interested in Top US MBA programs, 1 year EU MBA programs, 1 year EMBA, Other programs?
(4) List the schools you want to join  
(5) What round are you interested in applying?
(6) When do you want to join the program?
(7) Did you visit or join events?
(8) Did you meet students or alumni?
(9) Have you applied before?
(10) Have you taken the TOEFL or IELTS?
If you have - when and what was your score and does that score represent your real ability?
(11) Have you taken the GMAT or GRE or EA Test?
If yes, what test, when, and what was your score and does your score represent your real ability?
(12) What are the biggest strengths in your application?
(13) What are the biggest concerns in your application?
(14) Have you applied before? Yes / No
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(15) What are the three reasons you expect to be admitted (scores, background, leaderships, diversity, brand of company/university, performance, promotion, outside work activities)?
(16) What are the three things you expect from the Edogijuku Services?
(17) What is your future goal, plan B, and reason for the MBA (or graduate school)?
(18) Are you living in Japan or outside Japan?
(19) What do you prioritize about the services: quality, speed, flexibility, and costs?
(20) Do you tend to finish things in advance or work right up to the deadline?
(21) How do you expect to collaborate - discussions or by email? Or do you have questions about the counseling/services?
(22) Would you like to join the mailing list?
(23) How do you know about the Edogijuku Services - a friend, online, students/alumni?
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