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Content Writing Registration
Write to your heart’s content.

Participants present their long compositions, be it a story or a poem or a script. It’s free style so the composition doesn’t necessarily have to conform to any pre-existing literary structure. Just words meaningfully strung together. An event curated to celebrate the joy of writing.

This is an ONLINE event.
ODYSSEY '19 invites all budding writers, dreamers and doers to the writing competition CONTENT WRITING.

There will be a single round. Long compositions can be entered online. Link will be released soon. Entries will be accepted from the 5th of January till the 19th of January. More details will be announced later.

1. The entries will be checked for plagiarism against existing works and entries of other participants.
2. Original content is the only requirement.
3. ONLY one entry is allowed per registration
4. Event is open to all
5. Entries will not be categorically judged
6. Upper word limit is 2000 words
7. Entries in English language

For further information visit the Content Writing Facebook page:

In case of any queries you can contact the undersigned.

Event Head | Content Writing
WhatsApp - 9315740414
Email -

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