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Quinta System Report Form
This form allows Quinta Conference System operators to submit detailed information regarding Quinta systems.
We appreciate any information, the more detailed the better.
Thank you, United Sound Services, LLC.

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System Designation
Please assign a System Designation that we can use to help uniquely identify each Quinta CU or RS system.
Please submit one form for each CU or RS unit.

EXAMPLES: XYZ Chicago Rm 201, Mountain Water District Conference Rm C, Court of My Home Town, ABC Legal Group,... Use room numbers or letters.

System Designation *
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System Location or ZIP
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Primary Contact
Please provide information on how to contact the principal party responsible for the technical integration of this system.
Contact Name *
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Contact email address *
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Contact Phone Number
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Please describe symptoms in as much detail as possible.
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System Information
Describe basic system configuration and number of MU stations.
System Information File Export Screen. Please have all Microphone Units ON and registered before exporting this file. See example below.
Send it to us.
It's easy.
Please paste the System Information file into the TEXT field below. You do not have to change the text formatting.
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Quinta Controller Type *
Quinta Serial Number
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RF Settings. Please review the RF information in the CU before filling in this question.
Recommend having as many bands available as possible. But 2.4GHz is busy in most meeting rooms.
Captionless Image
5.2 GHz
Frequency Selection - Auto or Manual
HQ Radio or HD Audio
Confirm that the Region is set to USA / Canada. To find REGION use the Quinta PC Software, go to Conference Setup, RF, the Region shows at top of screen.
Antenna Configuration
Antenna Cable
Does this system connect to any remote control devices? Include Serial and TCP devices. Please check all that apply.
Please email a copy of the System Configuration File to:
Site Technician
Please provide information on the person most likely to be On Site during service calls.
This might be the Installer, owner's technician or manager, a service's technician.
Technician's Name
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Tech's email address
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Tech's Phone Number
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Additional comments
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Thank you for submitting this information. We will use it to find, and help eliminate, Quinta Conference System operation issues.
United Sound Services, LLC 3 April 2019
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