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Gift of Giving (ATL)
Hi! Thank you for your interest! For this project, we will be pairing you with a refugee child. You will be buying a gift ($15-$20) for the child and will be able to give it to him or her personally. This form will show us that you are interested in being part of this project, and we will contact you with the final details soon. We are planning on giving the gifts to the refugee children in Clarkston on December 23 and would love for you to join us!
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If yes, would you be able to make it to an exchange event on December 23rd? *
Donations: We will be doing holiday themed activities on the day of for the children and families to enjoy and would love if you can contribute any donations to help us do multiple activities! Also, if you cannot make it to the event and would like to donate money for us to buy a gift, please specify below. To donate, please venmo @SehrAbdulla
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